A pregnant woman is beautiful and out of reach …, but I also had experiences that went deeper and I wanted to capture them with my camera: I wanted to photograph women in the midst of their lives, from different angles, from different social backgrounds, with different opinions, and to make the connection between all of them visible. I was open to everything I would encounter along the way. The topic was very explicit, but everything was a flowing process, and I alloed every woman to present herself the way she saw herself – without influencing her……



For my project I have chosen a topic, which spans around the globe, doesn’t require a particular language and connects all people regardless of their religion and skin color. It is the love of one’s own child. It is the strongest and purest form of energy on our planet; therefore it represents the largest common denominator.

New York City and Berlin are home to the world. In the different districts expecting women are presenting themselves in their own personal environment. Wealthy or poor, lively or quiet, that’s where I have met them with their desires and hopes and immortalized them in my pictures. Children give hope and there would be no future without them.

Through the intense discussions I have learned about their individual stories. I knew right away that only the heart would allow me to see, what mattered because what’s essential is invisible to the eye.



Dear fellow preggies,

How are you? I hope everyone is fine and your bellies are growing. :-)

A couple of weeks ago the photographer Rebekka Kaufmann approached me and asked me whether I wanted to take part in her new photo project. She has already published one photo book about pregnant women (“schwanger gehen”) which I think is beautiful and is now working on a project about pregnant women in NYC and Berlin. She has just finished her shooting in NYC and you can see some of her photos on her facebook-page [facebook.com/RebekkaKaufmannphotography].

Now she is looking for some interesting pregnant women living in Berlin that she can work with to complete this project. At the end of the project there will be an exhibition in NYC at the “Deutsches Haus”.

Actually I am not a fan of pregnancy photo shootings, in fact I don’t like them at all. They are always artificial and not “real”.

However, I think Rebekka’s pictures are very authentic and special and therefore I agreed to take part in this project. At the moment I have hardly any pictures of me being pregnant as my husband is not a big photographer. :-) And maybe I will be glad in a couple of years that I took this opportunity and  have some memories like that.

Anyways, I just talked to Rebekka to discuss a suitable time when to shoot the pictures and I asked her whether she already has all the “pregnant models” from Berlin that she needs and that I might know some more preggies that might be interested. ;-) She would love to get in touch with you and see whether it fits….

So if you are interested in taking part in this project as well please feel free to contact her via email (photographer@rebekkakaufmann.de) and tell her that I gave you her contact details.

Have a good Sunday evening and talk to you soon,