This is a totally present-day book of photo stories – not at all Berlin specific, but true for most big cities in the Western World. A companion book for New York is easily imaginable: Young American women “in the family way” and how they feel about it, and look forward to that special change in their lives. This book has humor, was done with a keen eye, and is from a picture point of view highly unusual. The quotes from what these pregnant women had to say are revealing and pointed – and above all, of universal appeal.


Extract from the introduction of „Schwanger Gehen“

A pregnant woman is beautiful und out of reach…, but I also had experiences that went deeper and I wanted to capture them with my camera: I wanted to photograph women in the midst of their lives, from different angles, from different social backgrounds, with different opinions, and to make the connection between all of them visible. I was open to everything I would encounter along the way. The topic was very explicit, but everything was a flowing process, and I allowed every woman to present herself the way she saw herself – without influencing her……


Voices Of The Press

Die Welt
Her photographs go far beyond all erotic imaginings.

Berliner Zeitung
Rebekka Kaufmann has photographed pregnant women in various walks of life. She has done it both with humour and the required deference –  and always impressively.

Süddeutsche Zeitung
The photo artist Rebekka Kaufmann presents portraits alive with reality.

Berliner Morgenpost
Rebekka Kaufmanns masterly black and white photos reveal her sensibility toward pregnant women –  their individual personalities are shown in the round. The photos reveal the beauty of pregnant women in a new light. Each of the sixty photos tells its own story.

Hamburger Abendblatt
Impressive black and white photos of pregnant women.
The quotes under photos throw a light on various personalties.

Abendzeitung München
Pregnant women are beautiful –  the photo book of Rebekka Kaufmann proves it.

Schweizer Blatt
In schönen Schwarz- Weißbildern zeigt R.K. die Schönste und Rundeste Sache der Welt. Ein Bildband voller Glück und Intimität.

Badische Neuste Nachricht
When viewing these pictures, the photographers closeness to these young women is always to be felt.

Berliner “Tipp” Spezial
Each of Rebekka Kaufmanns portraits reveals the pride of pregnant women.

Darmstädter Echo
One feels quite close to all these women – a closeness with which one is totally at ease.

Imagine Literature Deutschland
Ein außergewöhnlicher Fotoband, der einerseits einfühlsam dokumentiert aber auch geheimratsvolle Lebensgeschichten der einzelnen Frauen offenbart.