When humor arises from a cheerful atmosphere, it is then that I feel most happy in my work.



Already as a child my mother’s studio inspired me, the colors and shapes…,
the smell of the oil paints…

When I was 14 my father gave me my first SLR camera. I took pictures of everything around me. I couldn’t imagine another profession for myself, and I put my wishes into action. I am fascinated with people. I began to study them and wanted to find a way to free them of their shyness in front of the camera so that they can show their true self.  Until today this is the biggest challenge for a photographer.

Since then I enjoy to help people open up, to connect with them and at the same time to encourage them. This kind of joy always arises anew and is naturally transferred to the other person. This connectedness is the foundation for an unforgettable shooting and expressive photos.



Rebekka Kaufmann was born on a Sunday in January in the sixties in the former artist village of Kleinmachnow close to Berlin. As the daughter of a writer and a paintress the love for painting was laid in her the cradle. At the age of fourteen she discovered photography and after her school certificate she decided to work in that field.

Of late Rebekka Kaufmann has worked for advertising and casting agencies, chiefly in her home city of Berlin. Along to such contract work she developed a special technique for the production of images which helped on the way into new international projects.

In the winter of 2013 she returned to the USA to emerge into the art life of Miami, Chicago and Detroit. In the spring she worked again in New York with other artists and developed new ideas for her work. And in the summer 2013 she interviewed pregnant women over a period of months, initially in New York. This universal project is to be continued in the year 2014/2015 and rebekka is again photographing pregnant women in Berlin which should initiate a temporary change between living in Berlin and New York.


Prints and Prices

All fees should be discussed by phone. That way in can best be agreed on where the photo-shoot should take place – in the studio or on location. This above all should be known: the shooting of private photos should always be pleasant for the person concerned. Born into an artistic family with actors and painters, I am prepared to give special conditions in the case of photos for artistic agencies or for publication. All photo series will be personally discussed beforehand. That way we can come close and can best agree on what we really want.

I am looking forward on a wonderful shooting